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Bright Horizons EdAssist Partnership

The Pratt School of Engineering is a proud partner of Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions. Employees of Bright Horizons EdAssist organizations who apply to one of our specified master's programs are eligible to receive a 10% tuition scholarship and an application fee waiver.

Programs included in Bright Horizons EdAssist

Duke Master’s Programs

  • Artificial Intelligence for Product Innovation (campus and online)
  • Cybersecurity (campus and online)
  • Master of Engineering Management (campus and online)
  • Financial Technology (campus and online)
  • Game Design, Development & Innovation (campus, starting Fall 2024)
  • Design Thinking & Innovation (campus, starting Fall 2024)

Duke For-Credit Certificate Programs

  • Artificial Intelligence Foundations for Product Innovations (online)
  • Business Foundations Certificate (online)

Please note Duke University programs not listed above are not part of this program.

EdAssist Benefits

  • Application Fee Waiver
  • 10% tuition scholarship

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Estimated Programs Costs and Scholarship Amounts

Master's Programs

Program Delivery Modality 2023-2024 Annual Tuition
(2 semesters unless otherwise noted)
Tuition Scholarship Amount (10%)
Master of Engineering Management Residential $64,335 $6433.50
Online (2 courses per semester) $32,175.50 $3217.55
Master of Engineering in FinTech Residential $63,525 $6352.50
Online (2 courses per semester) $38,115 $3811.50
Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity Residential $63,525 $6352.50
Online $38,115 $3811.50
Master of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence for Product Innovation Residential (includes summer) $73,053.75 $7305.38
Online (2 courses per semester) $38,115 $3811.50
Master of Engineering in Game Design, Development and Innovation (starts Fall 2024) Residential $63,525 (if started in Fall 2023) $6352.50
Master of Engineering in Design Thinking and Technological Innovation (starts Fall 2024) Residential $63,525 (if started in Fall 2023) $6352.50

For-Credit Certificate Programs

Program Delivery Modality Current (2022-2023) Tuition Per Class Per-Class Tuition Scholarship Amount (10%)
Artificial Intelligence Foundations for Product Innovations Certificate (4 classes) Online $8041.88 $804.19
Business Foundations Certificate (4 classes) Online $8041.88 $804.19

How to Receive Benefits

Application Fee Waiver

You must indicate your participation in Bright Horizons EdAssist within the Pratt School of Engineering application for admission. You will find an option to identify yourself on the Demographics and Funding Information tab of the application. The application will then prompt you to upload an employer verification letter.

Request an application fee waiver at this link. Fee waivers must be requested in advance of the application, as we are unable to refund application fees after the payment has been processed.

Tuition Scholarship

After enrollment, Bright Horizons EdAssist students will be required to download an EdAssist verification letter and submit it each semester to the email The tuition scholarship will be posted to your account after tuition bills have been posted.

Please note that changes to your enrolled credits will change the scholarship that you receive each semester. Based on your employers' policies for tuition assistance, you may be required to pay the full tuition bill and be reimbursed, or your employer may subsidize your tuition directly with Duke University.

It is important to understand these payment policies in advance of when your bill is due, and we recommend confirming this information with your employer and that it be included in your employment verification letter.

Sponsor Billing

  • Students should provide copies of their bills to sponsors/third parties responsible for paying their bills
  • Sponsor bills will be generated after the drop/add
  • Government agency/employer sponsors who require a direct bill from Duke must forward sponsor billing information to the Bursar’s Office as soon as possible.
  • Full sponsor billing information is available at

Please note the tuition reduction is effective for enrollment in future terms and will not be applied retroactively.


For questions concerning Duke’s partnership with Bright Horizons EdAssist, please email us at