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Opportunities for Industry Partnerships

Drive your organization forward

By partnering with Duke, your organization can access a world-class educational resource for your employees and executives.

And through that same partnership, your organization can make direct and meaningful contributions to Duke students—participating in the industry-aligned, hands-on learning that differentiates a Duke Engineering education.

Authenticity and Flexibility

As our partner, participate in:

Engage with Duke Engineering

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Mike Salvino“It is exciting to see Duke Engineering take the lead in bringing such a timely and nimble model of education that fits the speed of innovation in industry.”

mike salvino | president & CEO, DXC Technology

Opportunities for Your Organization

Continuing Education for Working Professionals

Duke Engineering delivers rigorous education in fundamentals and emerging technologies. For working professionals, we've designed and scheduled educational programs that are part-time, and available online or in-person.

Our working professional learners build in-demand skills they can use in the workplace immediately. Browse current educational offerings »

Customized Offerings and Tuition Discounts

Contact us to discuss customized offerings for your employees, as well as tuition discounts for our industry partners.

Research Partnerships

Duke Engineering has a long history of successful partnerships with industry.

Our partners have generously supported research and education that aligns with organizational strategy and goals.

And, they have made formal agreements to sponsor research that has created mutually beneficial collaborations.

Opportunities include:

Create a Partnership

Please contact us to inquire about research partnership opportunities.

Student Projects and Student Consulting

Our undergraduate and master’s degree programs provide hands-on experience through real-world projects sponsored by our industry partners.

Students gain career experience while industry partners benefit from solutions crafted by our well-trained students.

Opportunities include:

  • Capstone Project Sponsorships—Teams of students nearing educational program completion work on authentic problems or opportunities proposed by industry sponsors. Students manage projects directly with client sponsors, who receive a full presentation of the team's proposed solution
  • Data Science & AI Industry Affiliates—Affiliate enterprises work with faculty to develop hands-on student practicum projects on topics touching on data science and artificial intelligence
  • Consulting Practicums—A practicum offers an organization the opportunity to partner with and mentor future industry leaders who are studying engineering management

Engage With Our Students

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Recruiting Interns and Employees

Our team includes dedicated staff members who assist employers in meeting highly qualified Duke Engineering students and understanding their exceptional work and qualifications.

We help facilitate employee and intern recruiting through:

  • TechConnect—A career fair jointly hosted by Duke Engineering and Duke Computer Science
  • Facilitating informal “coffee chats” with students
  • Making connections to schedule class lectures and tech talks
  • Introduction to relevant student organizations

Recruit at Duke Engineering

To learn more, please contact us.

Industry Advisory Boards

Our industry advisory boards bring together leaders from a wide range of industry sectors, many of them Duke Engineering alumni.

Board members offer expertise and critical insights that aid in curriculum review, recruiting and internships. They get an inside view of what a partnership with Duke Engineering can offer and a role in helping shape engineering education aligned with the needs of students and industry.

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